It's not often you feel innately connected with a brand. After many projects immersing ourselves in their sophisticated visual language and meticulous photography, we noticed that while Axor, a Hansgrohe design brand, did a great job highlighting their designers and collections, they didn't spend as much time explaining the "why" behind their distinctive product styling and what values were intrinsically embedded into each piece of bathroom product they made. Missing was their soul. Conceived as an exposed-spine, lay-flat coffee table book, we set out to define Axor's brand essence by starting with the book itself. Dynamic and monolithic, a centerpiece on any table just like their fixtures in a space. We transitioned from black and white pages, of chrome design objects in their purist form, to rich full-color spreads of environments that are transformed by Axor into sensory retreats, places of wellbeing and luxury. Axor is the opulence of water.