We became aware of CARVART while attending a trade show in Chicago. They had great glass products on display but no matching brand presence or design support. We offered our help and they challenged us to create their strategic brand platform, curate their product lines and apply their branding to touchpoints that would connect with their sophisticated architect and designer audience. We collaborated with CARVART to define their message, redraw their logo and develop an identity system of colors, typography and patterns. The brand launch included a brand book, a binder with new product brochures, a shelved cube box to house curated product samples, and a redesigned New York City showroom. At the same trade show we met at the year before, NeoCon, the dimensional cube extension of the square brand motif was interpreted as a dynamic glass enclosure. Inside the booth was our first jointly curated Metallic product line which won a Best of NeoCon Silver Award. Overjoyed, we could not have imagined the awards success that would follow. Just a few years later CARVART moved into a permanent NeoCon showroom and a new New York City headquarters in Times Square. It’s been an amazing journey. Our work includes strategy, logo, stationery, brochures, catalogs, binders, packaging, showrooms, trade shows, website, product development, naming, advertising, sample mailers, e-blasts and PR creative direction.

Best of Year
Best of NeoCon Gold
Best of NeoCon Silver
HiP Honoree
New York City showroom
NeoCon trade show
Metallic product line
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NeoCon Chicago showroom
New York City showroom and office
Architect: BR Design Associates